1Do not be afraid of könnyűszerkezettől!

The northern European countries and the United States over 200 Year built light houses, while in Hungary about. 15 Year. Austria and Germany for new homes 40-50 %-this technology is the, In Hungary, by contrast, only 10-15 %-a. But why is it averse?Because I do not know ...! The custom-built family row houses built over residential areas and housing and also this technology.


The light house building and construction of the lead time 2-3 hónap. In this short period of time due to the dry technology, can be performed in parallel, work processes, and in some cases, the pre-production. May substantially reduce or well eliminate the apartment and the cost of multiple moving, problem that a lot of family there.

3Energy conservation, excellent heat- and sound

Due to the light-house thermal insulation technology and materials used in the construction characteristics much better, than the conventional structure for buildings. In the case of houses built on such technology, the heat cost about 30-50% can be reduced and the well-designed insulation significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Due to rising energy prices, this is an unavoidable factor in the construction, and in the field of lightweight construction unbeatable!

4Material savings

The high degree of prefabrication advantages of large-scale dimensional accuracy and quality assurance standards. For optimal use less material waste is, therefore extremely lightweight material-saving solution for the home.

Save space

Technology applied to the light-house resulting in a thinner wall thicknesses, than the traditional method of construction, as a result of the building of the same built-up area of ​​more useful floor area can be achieved. That could mean further cost savings.

5High level of fire protection

In contrast to the small local fires (gas left on food, Christmas tree fire, etc) the light-house drywall lining protects the supporting structure, the same type of material as well, Depending on the thickness and number of layers 20-40 minutes fire resistance provides. The frame structure is made of thermal mineral filler- and non-flammable sound insulation, Fire causes no drip. The walls are extremely good resistance to fire, the EMI test 1100 instance, burned the Hungarian 30 minute requirement far outperformed 2 hour 15 minutes.


The light house earthquake resistant than conventional buildings better. This was articulated connections with the system and the flexible backbone due.

7It is easier to rebuild and expand

In the case of the light-house rebuilding and enlargement can be easily achieved, There are no costly demolition of the walls and can be moved without too much trouble.

Lasting Appeal

Hungary is almost 40 Year built buildings made of such technology, but there are already worldwide 200 annual buildings, during a light structure.