In our industrial parks industrial boom provided a very good opportunity to look for areas, family houses are similar to the system in a hall, company specializing in industrial installations, a LINDAB KFT. in collaboration with Lindab started selling the SBS and SBS Maxi system.

Lindab SBS lightweight building system

(industrial, agricultural, commercial, logistics and service purposes)

Little- and medium-sized server installations, independently by each company building industry needs, larger companies, a new technology or a different storage needs also occur as quickly, but the lives of families living in detached housing also facilitates an economical, modern storage and quickly completed, garage, garden-, and tool building, small workshops or summer kitchen.

Developed by Lindab SBS (Small Building System) building system is an easy to assemble, aesthetic frame building system, a small span (3-13 m) and low shoulder height (2,5-4,0 m) buildings was developed.
The building is made up of frame construction Lindab Construline cold rolled könnyűgerendákból compiled keretekbôl, which 1 m modules can be classified according to size after the other. So whether you 25-40 m, 300-500 m2 building can be constructed out.
Smaller (3-6 m wide) is for building technical acumen and technical expertise, even "home" can be combined in a building. For larger sizes (6-8 m span over) Lindab has appointed a specialist contractor proposed.

Frame structure
The high-strength hot-dip galvanized structural steel profiles, complete frame-mounted structure. The light weight, the galvanized surface protection, in to the dry, Quick and mounted construction methods allow small- economical to implement and medium-sized buildings felszerkezetének. The lightweight steel roof frame structure types- and wall systems linked.

SBS is a small building made of insulated or non-insulated versions on request. The doors, In addition to garage doors are designed minimal constraints, flexible structures as amended in accordance with the ideas of the customer. The node design drawings prepared heat, vapor and technical calculation and design software helps.

Consumption, function
Thanks to the lightweight building system Lindab a business these days can be finished in a few weeks technology, warehouse, Office, service building (port, building and other social) or an agricultural crop, machine- and tool storage, crop storage, but as an instructor, showroom. The Swedish-centered, Hungarian significant production capacity, Lindab company SBS building a system of traditional technology, allowing faster construction, shortening the entire process from design through to construction to transportation.

In recent years, a number of lightweight building SBS implemented for different uses, as agricultural storage, food processing, high specific vehicle storage, technical or industrial technology and family garden retail store, offices, Offices.

Lindab SBS Maxi hall system

Complete with galvanized, light hall, Lindab SBS building system 2013. annual improvement, that every aspect of a larger, light finished building.

The design of the main supporting frame structure has been modified, to allow further increase of the free span and height.
The so-called. Lindab Maxi SBS system, the main support frame formed double C profile, split-section bar elements are, adequate strength and rigidity to the frame corner placed könyökrúd, and horizontal rod provides, also hot-dip galvanized C-sections using.
The design of the metric relations, nut and bolts, welded steel components and special accessories (pl. anchorage, eaves, to gerincel) by means of.

The results of the system, specially developed design method, In case of Hungary burden will be available for Lindab SBS Maxim:

  • a 18,0m free span,
  • a max. 6,0m shoulder height,
  • 3,0-6,0next frame interval between m.

Non-insulated or insulated, or trapezoidal roof sandwich panels- and wall systems, theThe main field of application of SBS Maxi-foot building in the 250-2000m2 industrial and agricultural halls Scope, where the use of durable hot dipped galvanized steel components, the rapid production, delivery and installation, simple and economical construction is particularly important. SBS Maxi hall type system pre-made frames (span: 9,0-18,m, shoulder height: 3,0-6,0m, roof pitch: 15degree) available to interested parties for.

Areas of Application
The scope of the SBS building systems continuously expanded through more free internal dimensions. Achieved in the functions of industrial, agricultural and ancillary buildings equally; buildings on the same circuit includes a large group of companies, such as small- and medium-sized enterprises, or family, private well construction.

  1. Little- and medium-sized industrial halls for the purpose of, such as easy storage hőszigeteletlen, Warehouses, or manufacturing plants, assembling buildings, latter halls usually have at least tempered, insulated pavement - in order to ensure a higher level of current activity in it and the number of staff working conditions.
  2. Agricultural sector pl. Equipment, vehicles, Tools, bulk or bagged produce, secure and protected from the weather for the purpose of storage of goods, warehouse buildings, their storage, or breeding animals is essential to maintain stables, sheltered accommodation or facilities serving technology. Used in agriculture are the various pre-processing functions, small food processing plants (pl. acidulants, packers, Processors small farms) is.
  3. Provider, ancillary buildings, such as demonstration or educational buildings, large factories in industrial areas, next distribution centers serving, Technology, engineering units, or social and administrative functions related to (changing, porták, office buildings).